Countertop Cleaning Instructions

Keeping up appearances - Taking care of your new surfaces

Countertop Cleaning

Thank you for choosing Granite Transformations

We pride ourselves on providing superior solutions for all kinds of interior and exterior surfacing requirements, from luxurious kitchen countertops to stunning shower surrounds and practical flooring to shelving with a difference.

We use only the highest quality materials and our own certified installers to ensure first-class workmanship and total satisfaction. Designed to last, Trend surfaces come with a unique Lifetime Limited Material Warranty to give you extra protection and peace of mind.

We want you to enjoy your Trend surfaces for years to come and have produced this document to help you keep them looking their best. With a little bit of care and minimal regular attention, they will literally last you a lifetime.

Quality that Shines Through

Granite Transformations surfaces are made from 95% natural materials combined with state-of-the-art polymer and diamond polished to give them a deep lustrous shine. Their non-porous finish has many unique properties that not only make them easy to clean and care for, but also extremely practical and highly durable.

While they are built to withstand tough treatment, a few simple precautions will help them keep their sparkle and avoid any accidental or lasting damage.

Cuts and Scratches

Their unique structure makes Granite Transformations surfaces hygienic and highly resistant to scratches. Food can be prepared directly on top quite safely, but for repeated or heavy use we do recommend using a separate chopping board.

Spills and Stains

Trend surfaces are resistant to stains from most common household food and liquid products. However, lighter colors are more at risk from substances like tea, coffee and red wine and need a little extra care. Certain chemicals such as solvents, acetone, acid or alkaline products can also cause damage. To avoid any possibility of marking, ensure all spills are wiped clean at the earliest opportunity.

For really stubborn stains, use an ordinary cloth and some diluted liquid bleach, making sure you rinse the surface liberally with soapy water and wash off thoroughly.

Hard knocks

Trend surfaces are built to take the rough with the smooth. The diamond polished finish may look and feel as smooth as glass, but it’s tough enough to resist everyday impacts from heavy pans and cast iron cookware.

In fact they’re tested to withstand the impact of a bowling ball from a height of 3ft without damage, so they should be able to cope with even the most heavy handed cook! Even so, edges are particularly vulnerable to sharp impact and can chip if struck hard. Care should always be taken when handling or storing heavy cookware.

Hot pans

Granite Transformations surfaces are heat resistant, so brief contact with hot pots and pans won’t cause any problems. However, for safety you should always try and avoid placing cookware straight from the oven or burner directly onto the surface as prolonged, excessive direct heat can cause scorching in some cases.

Allow pans to cool before placing on the surface. For peace of mind, we recommend the use of trivets or heat protection pads. Special care should also be taken with cast iron cookware, which retains its heat longer. Similarly, surfaces should be removed immediately.

SPECIAL CARE should be taken with induction and ceramic burners. Both of these methods of cooking generate extremely high temperatures in the base of the cooking utensil. These can exceed the levels our surfaces are tested to and could cause serious damage. You should always use trivets for this type of cooking.

Care of Perla Bianca, Perla D’Sabbia, Grigio Wintermute, Perla Di Modena and Mystic Brown

These surface products contain pieces of natural mother-of-pearl and shell which provide them with a stunning effect and unique appearance.

This means that pieces of pearl or shell can be exposed where they meet the surface and may be susceptible to staining and abrasion. These surfaces can also react adversely to vinegar, citric and other acids. Over-exposure can diminish the quality of the finish and affect your warranty.

Treat them in the same way as other Granite Transformations surfaces and take special care to ensure that any spillage of vinegar or citrus fruit juices are wiped off immediately with soapy water and a clean, damp cloth.

NEVER USE lime scale removers, lemon detergents or calcium cleaners for countertop cleaning on these products as they will dissolve the shells.

What your Lifetime Warranty Covers - Our promise

With a little bit of care and the proper attention, there is no reason why your surface won’t provide you with a lifetime of service and still keep its luxurious appearance.

If our product should fail due to a manufacturing defect occurring at any time, we promise to repair or replace it completely free of charge, providing all necessary care has been taken.

Color and seams

Our products are made from 95% natural material and some variation in color and content may occur naturally. While we will do everything we can to keep any seams discreet an unobtrusive, bonding, waterproofing and color matching them as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee a perfect ‘invisible’ match.

Trend Glass Recycled

This unique ‘green’ range contains post-consumer recycled glass giving it a distinctive appearance. Before the surface is fitted and firm, tiny shards of glass can break away from larger fragments, leaving a slight depression in the surface. This only happens before fitting, whilst the surface is in a flexible state and will not reoccur one in place. The integrity and strength of the product or your Lifetime Warranty are not affected.


The following exclusions apply in all cases. Please see your warranty or visit our website at for further details.

  • Improper use, unauthorized repair, physical abuse or deliberate breakage
  • Failure to comply with use and care instructions
  • Failure of substrate, finishing or maintenance accessoriesFailure of seams or joints
  • Natural variations in color and pattern
  • Workmanship by third parties.

For general countertop cleaning, just add water!

Granite Transformations surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe down every day will help to remove residue and keep bacteria at bay while a thorough clean once a week will ensure they keep on looking their best.

NEVER USE scourers, steel wool products, abrasive and/or lemon cleaners.

What you do if you have a problem

Should you experience any problems, please contact the branch who did your installation. We will always do our best to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Any fault or claims should be notified within 14 days of occurrence or from when it should have been apparent on reasonable inspection.

What are the cleaning instructions for my cabinet doors?

Cleaning recommendations differ depending on the product.

Deco-Form® (RTF):
We recommend cleaning Deco-Form® doors with a dish cloth and a solution of mild dish washing detergent and water. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, acetone, or abrasives.

We recommend cleaning wood doors with a soft cloth. It is also recommended that you check with your cabinetmaker for specific cleaning instructions. Your cabinetmaker will be aware of any special glazes or finishes that were applied, which may have product recommendations or restrictions.

Aluminum Doors with Glass Inserts:
Etching technology allows our Glass Inserts to be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water or standard mild glass cleaner. Aluminum Frames should be cleaned with a soft cloth to wipe their surface clean.

Products Finished by Decore-ative Specialties; including Water-Based Finishes and Solvent-Based Finishes:
Although our finished products have successfully passed chemical tests for multiple cleaning agents, the best way to clean and protect your product is with water and mild soap. This method of cleaning will help preserve your product’s finish and protective top coat for years to come.